Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Ye Look Brave! Be Ye Ready For Adventure?

 Invitation To A Trek

"Life on the frontier has taken a violent turn. Marauding war parties have been attacking settlements and taking captives, often to be used as decoys to attract well-intentioned rescue parties, who would in turn be captured, or worse, murdered. The daughter of a wealthy Mennonite merchant was among those taken in the last raid. Grief stricken, her father has gone out to look for her. Before he left, he offered a sizable reward for her safe return.

You and three other experienced woodsmen were hired to provide meat for the settlement. You are two given canoes to extend the range of your hunting. You will need to "make" more than 400 pounds of meat if the venture is to be profitable, so you will need to deal with some heavy loads if you locate a suitable herd. You will then return to your camp by the river and wait for a team of coureur de bois to take the meat and the canoes back to the settlement. You will return by foot to collect your pay.

Just before your departure, you listened to the stories about the captive girl, so you will take extra care when hunting in an area known for marauding Indians looking for more hostages, or worse, victims.”

The Trek is the high point of the SVML shooting seasons. Join us!

Sonoma Valley Muzzle Loaders

2021 Fall Rendezvous and Trek

Thursday, October 28-Sunday, October 31

Location: Marie Hill Ranch, 43700 Hwy. 128, Yorkville, CA