Selected Shooting Videos

The Cap And Ball Channel

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Balázs Németh is the author of the Cap And Ball Channel on You Tube. His credentials are impressive: He's a member of the Hungarian National Muzzleloading Team, and created Cap And Ball, the first and only company to offer a full line of quality reloading equipment in Hungary.

As befits a professor of military history, his posts on black powder shooting are a combination of the factual and contextual. A true student of firearms and their places in history, his posts are always interesting, although you find his posts on black powder shooting very informative. I've selected the videos I believe you'll find helpful and well worth your time. The topics include both shooting, hunting, and living the historically accurate frontier lifestyle.

I know we normally shoot pistols and rifles from the Fur Trade Era, but many of you have a wider interest in black powder shooter. I'm including some videos that I think you'll find useful if you're shooting includes guns that don't fall into our our pre-1840's confines.


Lifestyle, Equipage: Skip forward to 34:23.