Trekking With The Townsends

Townsends, formerly James Townsends and Son, are purveyors of period correct clothing and accessories for history enthusiasts whose personas live in America from the Colonial Period up until the American Civil War. We've been Townsend customers for many years, and can vouch for the authenticity and practicality of the products.

Townsends has created a YouTube Channel that highlights living in the early 18th Century with an emphasis on period cooking and dining. Here are some of the videos that highlight life on the frontier. While the Club's emphasis has been on the "Shining Times" of the Fur Trade, it is valuable to see how a period rifleman, might  have equipped himself while exploring the "high lonesome" without the benefit of a horse.

Coalcracker Bushcraft is a site recommended by Townsend's. I'll add some of these videos as they apply to primitive outdoor living and trekking.

 Traveling On Foot: A quick overview of how a longhunter might have traveled while exploring the frontier on foot. If you were traveling without the benefit of a horse, you needed to choose you kit wisely.

What Do I Leave Behind? An experienced modern day backpacker evaluates her equipage after her first primitive trek.

1811 Trade Goods: What goods would  have been available for trade in the early nineteenth century? This video documents some of inventory items that could be found in a period trading post.

More to follow!